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Property Tax Exemptions

Property Tax Exemptions are available for entities who meet certain criteria to be exempted from the payment of property taxes by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Generally speaking, an entity must be a non-for-profit organization, federal/state organization, or religious organization to be considered for property tax exemption.

All property tax exemption applications must be submitted, with proper documentation, to the Coles County Board of Review. The Board of Review must have all necessary documentation to proceed with their recommendation. Once submitted, the Board of Review then forwards a recommendation with the original application to the Illinois Department of Revenue for processing. Ultimately it is the Illinois Department of Revenue who makes all final determinations for property tax exemption. Once a decision by the Illinois Department of Revenue is rendered, both the property owner and county are notified.

Listed below are links to the various Property Tax Exemption applications. The original form along with any other documentation must be submitted to the Coles County Board of Review either in person or to the address listed above.

Non-Homestead Property Tax Exemption (PTAX-300)

Religious Property Tax Exemption (PTAX-300-R)

Federal/State Agency Property Tax Exemption (PTAX-300-FS)

Hospital Property Tax Exemption (PTAX-300-H)

Hospital Schedule A (PTAX-300-HA)

Hospital Scedule E (PTAX-300-HE)

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