About Us

The Coles County Clerk & Recorder is responsible for five major functions in county government.


The Clerk is responsible for the conduct of all elections in Coles County, including all Federal, State, County, City, School, Township, Park and Library districts. Duties include Voter Registration, Early Voting, Vote by Mail, Precinct set-up, Election Judge Training, Campaign Finance Filings, and the county Electoral Board.

Recorder of Deeds:

Deeds, mortgages, leases, military discharges, and many other documents are filed and on permanent record in the Clerk's Office. About 12,000 documents are recorded each year and stored on optical disk with a microfilm backup copy.

Vital Records:

All Vital Records, including births, marriages, and deaths are filed and on permanent record in the Clerk's Office. Some 1,800 new records are added each year. Birth and Death records are kept from 1878 to the present. Marriage records are kept from 1830 to the present.

Tax Services:

The Clerk calculates and extends the tax rates on all real estate in the county from levies filed by municipalities, schools, fire, park and other districts. The clerk also collects delinquent tax payments and calculates Enterprise Zone abatements, maintains an Assumed Business Name registry, and provides many other services.

Coles County Board:

The Clerk records the minutes of all County Board meetings and has kept them on permanent record since 1830. All claims for county expenses go first to the County Board, then are countersigned by the Clerk and forwarded to the County Treasurer for payment.

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