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There will be a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee for water samples taken by the Environmental Health Staff. When taking the water sample an inspection of the water supply will also be conducted. Water samples will be collected Monday thru Wednesday in the morning with only special exceptions for afternoon collections. The information from the inspection is for the property owner's information only.

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Laboratory charges $25.00 for routine testing of water samples from private water supplies for coliform and  E. coli. This fee includes shipping and handling of the water samples. We use the IDPH Laboratory located in Springfield, IL. Mattoon's Laboratory is certified by IDPH to conduct total coliform and fecal coliform testing of water samples. Testing for nitrates is not currently available from this laboratory.

If you wish to submit your own water sample to the Mattoon laboratory you must pick up the sample container at the water plant you will be submitting the sample to:

Mattoon Water Treatment Plant
2941 Lake Road

Total Coliform - $12.50
Fecal Coliform - $12.50
Samples may be submitted Monday through Wednesday before 1:00p.m.

The Coles County Health Department will continue to test water supplies which have been involved in a suspected waterborne illness free of charge.


The Illinois State Water Survey also has a public service laboratory. The test they use in a mineral analysis for many common groundwater components, including arsenic, hardness, and iron to name a few. They can also test private or municipal water supplies where there is a concern for lead. This usually applies to homes built before 1986 where lead pipes or solder might be present. The fee is $25.00. Please call 217-300-7420 for more information or to request a kit.

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