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Children in the Kitchen!


Whenever possible, kids should volunteer to help prepare meals at home. This includes planning menus, shopping for and putting away groceries, preparing the meal, setting the table and cleaning-up, including washing and putting away the dishes and silverware. Talk to mom and dad about some things you can do to help! But remember, never try to prepare food when mom or dad are not home are not awake.

Safety First
Remember the following safety tips:

  • Wash your hands before touching food
  • Tie back long hair and loose clothing.
  • Use sturdy stools when working at high counters.

Meal Preparation Activities:

  • washing and cutting vegetables and fruit
  • tearing lettuce and tossing salads
  • shaping hamburgers or meatballs
  • peeling bananas
  • breaking eggs into a bowl
  • kneading and shaping dough
  • measuring, mixing and pouring ingredients
  • scrambling eggs
  • setting and clearing the table
  • spreading peanut butter
  • cracking nuts
  • mashing potatoes
  • grating cheese

Activities for the Whole Family

  • Choose one night a week for trying a new food. Let your children help prepare the new food and serve it in a creative way.
  • Read and discuss stories with food themes such as The Little Red Hen and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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