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Upcoming Events

Certified Professional Food Manager Course- (formerly FSSMC) The Coles County Health Department sponsors the CPFM during the year. Let us know if you are interested or call 217-348-0530. 

One-Hour Food Safety Training Classes -

Please call to register for these free classes. Everyone is welcome! You don't have to work in a restaurant to attend these free classes! Category 1 facilities must still attend yearly training as their third contact.


Date Topic Time Location
Sept. 26, 2019 FDA Foodcode Update 2:30-3:30 CCHD, Conference Room 4
Oct. 10, 2019 Current Topics 2:30-3:30 CCHD, Conference Room 4
Oct. 22, 2019 Personal Hygiene 2:30-3:30 CCHD, Conference Room 4
Oct. 29, 2019 Time & Temperature 2:30-3:30 CCHD, Conference Room 4


Date Topic Time Location
Sept. 24, 2019 Foodborne Illness 2:30-3:30 Mattoon YMCA
Oct. 8, 2019 Personal Hygiene 2:30-3:30 Mattoon YMCA
Oct. 16, 2019 Time & Temperature 2:30-3:30 Mattoon YMCA


What are they about? Check out training to find out more about the classes!

Category 1 Facilities Must Attend Training

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HAND SANITIZERS - The Illinois Department of Public Health issued a technical release regarding hand sanitizers. The following products can be used on washed hands without the need to rinse the product off.

  • Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer - clear, original formula (no scents or aloe)
  • Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Food Code Compliant
  • ACTIGEL Hand Sanitizer
  • EcoCare 550S Hand Sanitizer
  • Digisan Hand Sanitizer
  • McD Hand Sanitizer
  • Puritan Hand Sanitizer
  • ALPHASAN Hand Sanitizer

All other hand sanitizers shall be washed off before engaging in food preparation or handling. "Even with the use of one of the above hand sanitizers after proper hand washing, food employees shall avoid direct contact (i.e. using bare hands) with ready-to-eat food whenever possible, and to the extent possible, shall handle ready-to-eat food only with suitable utensils such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, or single-use gloves."

Mandatory Sign Scams: Many of our food service facilities have been contacted regarding new regulations regarding hand wash signs. The Coles County Sheriff's Office issued a Press Release regarding this scam. The following is a brief excerpt from the fraudulent letter:


 “Dear Food Service Establishment

            State and Federal food codes have recently been amended to include a new hand washing posting requirement. Effective immediately all Food Service Establishments will be required to post at all hand washing facilities a poster reminding FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEES to regularly wash their hands. This requirement applies to all hand washing sinks and all public and private lavatories. It also applies to all food preparers regardless if they are a paid employee or not, including owners and operators. Posters must also meet the exact specifications and procedures presented in (the FDA Model Food Code) and should not be self-made…”

The letter goes on to state local inspectors will be investigating compliance with the new code, and that food services in violation may be subject to fines of up to $2500 and/or up to 1 year imprisonment. This letter gives just enough information  to scare operators into coughing up $20.00 per hand wash sign. You MAY purchase these signs if you like. However, you have several other options:

1)      Contact your local health department to obtain the signs for the low cost of … FREE!

2)      Contact Illinois Department of Public Health and obtain the signs for… FREE!

3)      Create your own hand wash sign for… FREE!

The Coles County Health Department makes every effort to contact food service operators regarding pending, upcoming, and new regulations before they become enforceable. We take pride in communicating changes so that everyone is aware not only of the regulations and expectations, but also the reasoning behind the regulation. We will continue to partner with our food service operators in promoting food safety through education and communication.


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