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About Portable Document Format (PDF) Files

We use Adobe Acrobat to present many of our documents, forms and other information so you can view and print the material exactly as it's designed. Documents in this format will be indicated as: "(PDF file)".

PDF files maintain the formatting, presentation and printing capabilities needed for many of our documents. The Portable Document Format (PDF) process maintains the look and presentation of the original document. These PDF files can be viewed across multiple platforms (MAC, PC, UNIX etc.) using the appropriate reader for that platform.

To view PDF files you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software* installed on your computer. You can also download PDF files and view and print them offline.

Having Problems viewing our PDF files?  To ensure you will be able to correctly view a PDF file in its entirety, you must be using at least version 4.0 of the Reader (Version 3.x will not properly view our PDF files).

Trying to fill in PDF forms on-line?  This will NOT work... our PDF forms are not at this time designed to be filled in on-line.  This is an enhancement we are looking into and considering as PDF technology moves more reliably in that direction.

You can download and install the most recent version of the free Acrobat Reader* from the Adobe Web site.

If you have a Network Administrator or Computer Support Section, please confer with them about this.  If you're an independent user, please read the installation instructions carefully before attempting to install the new Reader yourself.

Click Here to download the FREE Reader from the Adobe Site* Link to Adobe Acrobat

* The Reader is free; the only cost to you, if any, is connection or communications charges by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Currently, Adobe offers the Acrobat Reader for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP, Apple Macintosh, IBM AIX and OS/2 Warp, Sun Solaris x86, Sun Solaris SPARC, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, LINUX and Digital Unix.

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