CCSO 2015

Posting Bond

Bond may be posted 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Bond must be in the form of cash (exact amount) or credit card.

Please be advised that there is a $23.00 bail bond processing fee that will be assessed to every bail bond processed by the Sheriff's Office, as is allowed per Illinois State Statute.

The bail bond processing fee will be added to the total bond fee amount. For example, posting a $200 bond will cost a total of $223 due to the processing fee. If there was a Failure to Appear Warrant, another example would be: posting a $500 bond, plus the FTA Fee of $75, plus the $23 bond fee, the total due would be $598. This does not apply to credit cards, as credit card payments have additional fees.

There are credit card processing fees for paying bond, for more information about these fees please visit the website: Please remember to bring a photo ID for verification when paying with your credit card, as your photo ID must match the information printed on your credit card.


You may surrender yourself to the jail any time of the day, any day of the year. Please report to the front counter at the Coles County Jail. If you are surrendering as part of delayed sentencing, you must bring a photo ID and your court sentencing paperwork. Please report for all sentencing to the rear entrance.

If you are surrendering for an arrest warrant, please bring a photo ID if you own one. You can bring your own bond money at the time of your surrender and use this to post bond if you choose to do so.

For all persons surrendering themselves to the jail, please refrain from bringing any personal belongings other than ID and cash. Any other belongings will be confiscated and held in property control until you are released from the jail, at which time your property will be returned to you.

For More Information

For more information about bond or surrendering, please call the Coles County Jail at 217.348.7332