About Our Housing Department

Coles County Regional Planning and Development Commission has for over 30 years now been working to implement State and Federal Housing Rehabilitation Grants. Over the years, our agency has administered Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) CDBG Housing Grants, Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) HOME Single Family Rehabilitation Grants, Land Bank Programs, Abandoned Property Grants and IHDA Affordable Housing Trust Fund Grants to assist low to very low-income homeowners in rehabilitating their homes. Through these programs, we have assisted hundreds of homeowners in the communities of Charleston, Mattoon, Paris, Oakland, Ashmore, Greenup, Martinsville, Toledo, Casey, Neoga, Sullivan and in Coles, Cumberland and Clark Counties.

Funds from these programs are used to rehabilitate homes for low-income home owners and bring them up to meet health and safety code. General housing repairs including roofing, doors and windows, energy-efficiency improvements, HVAC, plumbing, handicapped accommodations including ramps and bathrooms, electrical rewiring, insulation, lead hazard mitigation, etc.

Currently CCRP&DC has programs in progress in all counties within our 7 county region including the communities of Sullivan, Marshall, Martinsville, Shelbyville, Arcola, Windsor, and Charleston. Individuals that are interested in participating in these programs or would like more information should contact Coles County Regional Planning at 348-0521.

To determine if your household is income qualified, please click here and click on the link in the Access Individual Income Limits Areas section.

Housing Grants

Community Development Block Grant

Low-to-moderate income communities can apply for grants to improve housing and rehabilitate and retrofit properties. A maximum of $500,000 in grant funds or $50,000 per household is available to improve the homes of low-to-moderate income residents of owner occupied single family housing units. Grants provide residents with safe and sanitary living conditions and help to stabilize neighborhoods and affordable housing in the community.

Coles County Regional Planning applies for these grants every year for different communities within our region. Below are links to the communities that currently have an active housing rehabilitation program. Please view the links for more details on the program in your area. If your municipality would like assistance with applying for these grants, feel free to contact our office and speak with a member of our housing staff.

- CDBG Homeowner Application

Current Municipalities
- Charleston
- Marshall
- Martinsville
- Windsor

Home Accessibility Program (HAP)

The Illinois Home Accessibility Program (HAP), also called the Trust Fund Home Accessibility Program, is a statewide program. It provides grants to low-income seniors and disabled residents of Illinois in order to make owner occupied homes safer and more accessible. This, in turn, helps prevent unnecessary and premature nursing home placements, while allowing individuals to age at home. Home modifications and repairs come in many different forms and may include the addition of walk-in showers, installation of wheelchair ramps, fixing leaky roofs, remodeling hallways and flooring for wheelchair access, and more.

The Home Accessibility Program is funded by the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) via an Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund. However, IHDA does not provide funds directly to grantees. Rather, funding is given to a group of non-profit organizations and government agencies, and it’s these groups who provide grants to eligible individuals in their area.

Single Family Rehabilitation Grant (SFR)

What does this program do?
Also known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, this provides grants to very-low-income to low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards. In addition, a second option is available, under SFR-R, eligible homeowners may address only the roof on their home if no other health and safety issues are present. SFR-R offers up to $16,500 to mitigate against further roof damage and deterioration so that the property is insurable.

Who may apply for this program?
To qualify, you must:
- Be the homeowner and occupy the house
- Have a family income below 80 percent of the area median income
- Be up-to-date on taxes and home-owners insurance

How to Apply
- Verify your income level here (Click on the link in the Access Individual Income Limits Areas section)
- Fill out the appropriate application (Found Below) and mail it to our office.

SFR Arcola SFR Shelbyville
SFR Arcola Application SFR Shelbyville Application