Coles County Board

Rules of the Chairman

1. The Chairman of the County Board shall have the responsibility and authority to compile an agenda of the business of the meeting and mail it to each member and to the news media over the signature of the Chairman at least 48 hours before the meeting. The Chairman will include the names of all persons who have indicated to the Chairman that they are interested in being appointed with the agenda.

2. The Chairman shall take the chair at precisely the hour on which the meeting has been called and shall immediately call the members to order. If there is no quorum present, the Chairman shall cause the Board meeting to adjourn.

3. The Chairman shall have general direction of the room and may refer petitions and resolutions to the proper committee.

4. In the absence of the Chairman, the Chairman Pro Tem shall perform his/her duties and accept his/her responsibilities.

5. The Chairman shall preserve order and may speak on points of order in preference to other members. He/she shall decide questions of order subject to appeal to the Board by any member, such questions to be decided without debate. However, the member appealing and the presiding officer shall each be permitted to speak once to explain.

6. The Chairman of the Board shall notify all interested persons in advance of the meeting of the Finance Committee to prepare the annual budget and appropriation. In no case shall notice be given later than July 15.

7. The Chairman is an ex-officio member of all committees.

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