Coles County Board

Road and Bridge Committee


1. Shall examine and report upon all petitions for County aid in the construction of bridges and approaches thereto.

2. Shall, when instructed by the County Board, act for the County in letting of the contract, supervising the work, and accepting the same when completed.

3. Shall approve maintenance of roads improved by the County, but not maintained by the State Division of Highways, and submit recommendations to the County Board for its approval.

4. Shall prepare and present an annual program of road and bridge construction and maintenance.

5. Shall prepare a long range plan for road and bridge construction and maintenance.

6. Shall perform such other duties as have heretofore or shall hereafter be given by resolution of the County Board.

7. Shall review the annual budget and tax levies submitted by the Highway Department and submit the proposed budget to the Finance Committee after any changes or modifications the committee deems appropriate.

8. Shall review the space requirements of the Highway Office and make recommendations to the Building and Grounds Committee on the utilization of space.

9. The Road and Bridge Committee membership shall be five (5).

Committee Members

  • Paul Daily, Chairman
  • Travis Coffey
  • John Doty
  • Rick Shook
  • Jeremy Doughty

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