Coles County Board

Planning and Development Committee


1. Shall attend the meetings of the Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission and report the activities of the Commission and its Director to the County Board.

2. Shall examine all plats of proposed subdivisions in the County, after first ascertaining that said plats have been duly examined by the Soil and Water Conservation Services, as required by law, the Road Commissioner, Coles County Planning & Development Commission and have received their respective recommendations regarding said proposed subdivision.

3. Shall make recommendations to the Board as to the approval or denial of said proposed subdivision, in accordance with Subdivision Regulation Ordinance.

4. Plans for proposed subdivisions shall be in the hands of the committee for planning and subdivision thirty days before the meeting of the Board.

5. Shall perform such other duties as heretofore or shall hereafter be given by resolution of the County Board.

6. Shall administer the subdivision ordinance in conjunction with the staff of the Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission.

7. This committee, working with the Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission, shall have the responsibility of accumulating data and information with respect to each and every application for the issuance and approval of Industrial Development Bonds by the County of Coles, and shall report such findings to the Board at appropriate times.

8. Approve all State and Federal grant applications for economic development funds submitted by the Coles County Regional Planning and Development Commission and assume responsibiity for the administration of approved grants.

9. Act as a liaison between the County-side Strategic Steering Committee and the County Board.

10. Shall inform itself, and keep the Board informed, of economic development initiatives in Coles County in which the Board can play a supportive role and which are in the best interest of the citizens of Coles County.

11. Will consider, and refer to the appropriate committee, all requests to the county from economic development organizations or groups for financial assistance, tax abatement or infrastructure development.

12. Will refer to Coles Together, for follow up, all industrial and business prospects.

13. Will cooperate with other economic groups to promote Coles County, regionally, statewide and nationally as a good place to live and work.

14. Work with Coles Together and companies planning to locate in Coles County or that are referred to the Committee by Coles Together, to facilitate the company's understanding or and compliance with County rules and regulations.

15. Shall review the annual budget submitted by the Regional Planning and Development Commission and submit the propoed budget to the Finance Committee after any changes and modifications the committee deems appropriate.

16. Shall review the space requirements of the Office of the Regional Planning and Development Commission and make recommendations to the Building and Grounds Committee on the utilization of space.

17. Development an annual budget for computer needs with various County Officers and appointed officials and department heads, subject to the review and approval of the Finance Committee.

18. Make recommendations to the County Board concerning computer related matters for present and future needs.

19. Be responsible for analyzing any request by any elected or appointed official asking to purchase additional computer or computer related equipment, to determine the validity of such request, and to make appropriate recommendations for either approval or disapproval thereof.

20. The Planning and Development Committee membership shall be five (5).

Committee Members

  • Stan Metzger, Chairman
  • Brandon Bell
  • John Doty
  • Paul Daily
  • Jeremy Doughty

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