Coles County Board

Health and Safety Committee


1. Shall have charge of all matters pertaining to rabies control, emergency services, public health and safety programs, including landfill operations, and tipping fee funds.

2. Shall attend whatever meetings of the Community Mental Health Board (708) it deems appropriate and advisable and shall recommend to the County Board the names of individuals who are qualified to serve on said Community Mental Health Board when vacancies occur.

3. One member of the County Board shall serve as the Board's representative on the Community Mental Health Board and the Public Health Board, such representative to be a member of the Health and Safety Committee.

4. Shall be responsible for the Offices of the Animal Shelter, Emergency Management Agency, Public Health and Mental Health and report to the Board each month.

5. Shall review the annual budget and tax levies submitted by the Health Department and the Mental Health Department.

6. Shall review the annual budget submitted by the Animal Shelter and EMA Office and submit the proposed budget to the Finance Committee making any changes and modifications deemed appropriate.

7. Shall review the space requirements of the Offices of the Animal Shelter and EMA and make recommendations to the Building and Grounds Committee on the utilization of space.

8. The Health and Safety Committee membership shall be five (5).

Committee Members

  • Mike Zuhone, Chairman
  • John Doty
  • Nancy Purdy
  • Rick Shook
  • Stan Metzger

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