Coles County Board

Finance Committee


1. The Finance Committee shall prepare the annual county tax levy and the appropriation of the county funds in ample time for the Sempter annual meeting.

2. Each County Officer who is or whose office or budget is under the supervision of the County Board shall submit an itemized budget to the Finance Committee after having the budget reviewed by the appropriate sub-committee of the County Board. The proposed budgets must be submitted to the Finance Committee no later than July 15.

3. Shall be responsible for the Offices of the Treasurer and Supervisor of Assessments and report to the Board each month.

4. Shall compile and cause to be published at the end of the fiscal year a statement of receipts and expenditures as required by law.

5. Shall have responsibilty for salaries as permitted by law, and shall make due recommendations to the County Board concerning same for its approval, at least one month prior to the printing of the annual budget.

6. Shall recommend to the County Board a qualified accounting firm to audit the books and accounts of all departments within the budgetary jurisdiction of the County Board, excepting such body or bodies as may be legally autonomous.

7. Shall review the space requirements of the Offices of the Treasurer and Supervisor of Assessmetns and make recommendations to the Building and Grounds Committee on the utilization of space.

8. The Finance Committee membership shall be five (5).

Committee Members

  • Stan Metzger, Chairman
  • Brandon Bell
  • Brian Marvin
  • Travis Coffey
  • Mike Zuhone

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