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Annual Report

If you have an emergency situation, seek the nearest emergency room,
contact your Health Care Provider, or call

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825 18th Street, Charleston, IL 61920
Phone: (217) 348-0530
Fax: (217) 348-5321  (217) 348-5322

Smoking is against the law indoors and within 15 feet of an entrance. Keep Illinois smoke free!
Report it! Call 866-973-4646 or go online at

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coles County Health Department is to provide quality
health services through prevention, education, health promotion and
protection efforts in a manner that promotes optimal health for the individual,
the community, and environment.
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Winter season is upon us and the flu is again a part of most of our lives.  Find out more about influenza or visit Hot Topics Page


Serving all of Coles County

If you have an emergency situation, seek the nearest emergency room,
contact your Health Care Provider, or call 911.
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