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 Food Establishments


Good intentions alone cannot keep food safe. Education and training are the key to preparing food safely. As part of our ongoing commitment to food sanitation, the Coles County Health Department provides several avenues of education for both adults and youth in food safety.


The Coles County Health Department has developed eight training sessions that focus on food safety. These sessions utilize visual aids, hands on training, and current statistics that are suitable for educating both food service employees as well as citizens concerned with food safety at home. Seven of these training sessions are offered free of charge. Everyone is welcome to attend, but advance registration is required. Call the Coles County Health Department at 217-348-0530, email, or fax the form below to 217-348-5322 to register.

Calendar of Classes    

List of Classes:

Cleaning and Sanitizing FREE Emphasizes the importance of cleaning and sanitizing effectively. Using overheads and hands-on demonstrations, attendees learn about effective sanitizers and how to use them properly.

Time and Temperature FREE Learn about the important relationship time and temperature have on the growth of harmful bacteria. Take the information back to your workplace or home to provide safer food for the consumer and your family.

Personal Hygiene FREE Just when you thought you k new everything there was to know about washing your hands! This session addresses the common bacteria that lurk on our hands and reviews the proper way to wash your hands as well as other aspects that contribute to personal hygiene.

Food borne Illness FREE  Learn about the "bugs" that cause food borne illness and what you can do to minimize their occurrence in your home or facility.

Current Topics and Consumer Advisory  FREE Food is a rapidly changing topic. Learn about genetically modified food, irradiation, changes in the food code, emerging pathogens, and what's currently going on with food! This talk is updated regularly.

HACCP FREE  Learn about the proactive approach to food safety that begins at delivery and ends on the table. Learn about the control measures you can establish to ensure that food is safe and employees are knowledgeable.

Cross-Contamination FREE What you can't see can hurt - your business and your customers. Lean about the common, preventable, mistakes that are responsible for making people sick.

Food Safety Orientation - $5.00 per person - This two hour talk is designed for individuals new to handling or preparing food. The fee covers the abundance of materials attendees will receive as well as a new thermometer. This class replaces any 2 of the above courses for credit toward renewal of the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager's Certificate. Offered on an as-needed basis.


Germ fighters - Presentations are designed for pre-kindergarten through fourth grade students regarding hand washing and food safety. material, content, and presentation length are grade specific. The germ fighters program is offered only to establishments or groups within Coles County. The program is offered free of charge. Teachers and group leaders may contact this Department for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Need Based Training

The Coles County Health Department occasionally develops presentations based upon the need of an establishment or group. If your group would benefit from a presentation developed by the Coles County Health Department, please contact us with more information. Presentation requests will be based upon the number of individuals in your group, preparation time, and content. Presentation requests outside the focus of environmental health will not be considered by this Division.

Food Service Sanitation Managers Certification Course

The Coles County Health department does not currently offer the Food Service Sanitation Manager's Certification Course (FSSMC). However, the Coles County Health Department may require food establishment operators have a food operator certified in Food Service Sanitation depending upon the risk category of the facility. Qualification requires certification from the Illinois Department of Public Health through an IDPH approved class.

Sanitation training is also offered in Coles County by:

  • Lake Land Community College call 217-234-LAKE (5253)
  • Corporate Training - 800-705-8204
  • Kathy Brewer Food Safety Classes - 217-962-0711
  • Sarah Powers - 217-273-9387

Current FSSMC Certificate Holders

Managers – Keep Your Information Current.

Changed your personal information lately? CLICK HERE

Moved? Married and changed your name? Divorced and changed your name? Make sure that you keep your Food Service Certificate current! Complete the Manager’s Certification Form (PDF File) to change to change information on your Certificate. All name changes must be accompanied by the legal document ordering the change. Address changes do not require additional information. Failure to notify the state of these changes may prevent you from receiving your renewal notification. There is no charge to change information, however, if you would like to receive a new certificate with the new information there is a fee.

Video Cassettes


  1. Commonwealth Media Services - "Food borne Disease-It's your business"
  2. Handle With Care: Preventing Food borne Illness in Nursing Homes
  3. The Mystery of the Poisoned Panther Picnic-Producer through Consumer: Partners to a safe food supply.
  4. Safe Food Handling Techniques
  5. 48 Hours - Is Your Food Safe? Part 1 and 2. 9 Feb 94 and 18 May 94
  6. Food Service Sanitation Training Series
  7. Recent Food borne Disease Outbreak: Lessons learned and what next? 2 Sept 93 Video Teleconference, USDA and FDA. 90 Minutes
  8. 1994 - FDA/USDA: An update on the Food Code and HACCP
  9. Take aim at Sanitation (2 copies)
  10. Food Safety is no Mystery
  11. Series of 4 -
    1. Employee Health and Hygiene
    2. Safe Food-handling: Receiving and Storage
    3. Safe Food-handling: Preparation and Service
    4. Cleaning and Sanitizing
  12. FDA/USDA Food Safety Challenges of Raw and Partially Cooked Foods. 23 Sept 94
  13. Lobster Tanks-
  14. Handwash series vol. 3-all hands on deck
  15. Food Safety:
    1. You Make The Difference-Spanish
    2. You Make The Difference-"Mandarin"
  16. A New Look At Pork
  17. In Good Taste-Careers In Food Science
  18. The Great Food Fight-You Can Win!
  19. Cooking with Success - Food Safety & Temporary Events
  20. To Your Health! Food Safety for Seniors
  21. Food Fear: Spanish & Mandarin


  1. Groundwater Protection - Looking at Solutions
  2. How to Disinfect your Water Well (5 copies)
  3. Groundwater Protection - Sealing Abandoned Wells
  4. Infiltrator Chamber- Septic Leach Field Installation


  1. ABC News Special Presentation - Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?

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