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The Tanning Facility Permit Act, enacted in July 1992, requires all facilities providing consumers’ access to ultraviolet radiation emitting devices for cosmetic purposes to make application with the Department for a permit to operate a tanning facility. Permit fees are $250 for the first year and $150 each year thereafter (provided the permit has not expired) and are deposited into a dedicated Tanning facility Permit Fund.

Facilities are inspected at least annually to determine compliance with various provisions including: equipment labeling and general operation; verification of appropriate ultraviolet lamps; accurate equipment timers; client’s use of protective eyewear; trained operators on duty; recordkeeping of agents of the Department in 92 counties. Inspectors may place embargoes on tanning units observed to present a health hazard, removing the units from service until found to be in compliance upon re-inspection. Other potential enforcement actions include permit suspension, denial and revocation; assessment of fines; and, referral to county State’s Attorneys for prosecution as a public nuisance.

The Coles County Health Department is responsible for conducting inspections on new facilities, routine inspections and complaint inspections. Facilities may download the tanning self-inspection sheet for use in training employees and ensuring that your facility is in compliance.

Opening a Tanning Facility:

Any person wishing to open a tanning facility, whether it is a new or existing facility, must request the new operators package. The package consists of the Illinois Tanning Facilities Program Legal Base, and an Application Form (PDF File), and the operating procedures guidelines (PDF File).  Facilities shall also have available to them a listing of the medications that increase sensitivity to light, available from most distributors. This document is no longer provided by the IDPH. Each room with a tanning bed shall post the IDPH poster in clear view. Tanning facilities in Coles County may request the poster free of charge. Facilities in other counties need to contact their local health department.

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