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  1. Main Page
    1. Food Protection
      1. Consumers
        1. Illinois Indoor Clean Air Act
          Q & A Illinois Indoor Clean Air Act
        2. Holiday Food Safety (Link to FDA Site)
        3. Home Food Safety
        4. Quiz Your Caterer
        5. Safe Food Temperatures and Thermometers
        6. Temporary Food Service
          1. Planner (brochure) (PDF File)
          2. Guidelines
          3. Checklist
          4. Self Inspection (PDF File)
          5. Sanitation Guidelines Bake Sales (PDF File)
          6. Sanitation Guidelines Farmers Market (PDF File)
        7. Using Microwave ovens Safely
        8. Filing a Complaint
          1. Form 2 CNCF (PDF File)
      2. Food Establishments
        1. Food Facility Categories (PDF File)
        2. Fees (PDF File)
        3. Plan Review & Approval procedures
        4. Plan Review Fee Schedule
        5. Temporary Food Booth Requirements and Procedures
        6. Free Online Training - Risk Focused Inspections
        7. Product Tampering
        8. Temporary Food Service
        9. Training
        10. Food Code
        11. Retail Code
    2. Well Water
    3. Private Sewage Systems
    4. Refuse and Nuisance
      1. Ordinance (PDF File)
      2. Junkyard Regulation Section 2, Part 5 of Ordinance (PDF File)
      3. Hearing Dates
    5. Tanning
      1. Self-Inspection (PDF File)
      2. Application to Operate a Tanning Facility (PDF File)
    6. Links

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