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Private Sewage Systems

The sewage program is responsible for approving plans for all private sewage disposal systems, conducting on site inspections, final inspections, and complaint investigations as they are received. If you are planning for a new sewage system, the first step to have a soil evaluation of the property. This evaluation will be instrumental in determining not only what kind of system would work best for you, but also where certain components of the system would work most efficiently.

Sewage System Installation & Repair Requirements (PDF File)

Request information on a previously installed system NEW 

Coles County Sewage Ordinance (PDF File)

Soil Classifiers Information List (PDF File)

Types of Private Sewage Systems Information on various types of systems that may be seen in Coles County. The system that is best for you depends on your specific site location.

Application for Private Sewage Disposal System (PDF File)

Homeowner Maintenance Agreement (PDF File)

NPDES ILG62 memo (PDF File)

Approved Contractors in Coles County 2016 NEW (PDF File) - Coles County requires any person installing private sewage systems for the public to be registered. Check here for a list of registered contractors.

Contractor Exam Preparation This is a link to University of Illinois Extension. It is an interactive study guide for the Illinois Contractor's Licensing Exam.

Septic System Information - Includes helpful information detailing what a septic system is, maintaining a septic system brochures, recordkeeping folders and an information packet on septic systems

Small Flows - A clearinghouse regarding private sewage disposal systems.

Small Flows Magazine - Articles with useful information regarding private sewage disposal systems.

2014 Sewage Contractors Registration Form (PDF File) - All persons installing private sewage disposal systems for the public must be registered. Download the registration form here.

Private Sewage Disposal Code - Regulations regarding private sewage disposal systems

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