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 Food Establishments

September Food Inspections

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September 2015
Facility City Inspection Re-check Re-inspection
Arby's Charleston 9/8/2015    
Carl Sandburg Charleston   9/17/2015


Charleston Middle School Charleston 9/17/2015    
Coles County Dragway Charleston 9/27/2015    
Down Town Diner Mattoon 9/24/2015 9/25/2015  
Eagles Mattoon 9/11/2015    
EIASE Humboldt 9/14/2015    
ERBA Head Start Charleston 9/22/2015    
Fellowship Center Mattoon 9/8/2015    
Hardees Mattoon 9/15/2015    
Hunan Mattoon 9/24/2015    
Lake Land College Subway Mattoon 9/8/2015    
Lake Crest School Oakland 9/15/2015    
Local on 45 Mattoon 9/1/2015    
MABC Concession Mattoon 9/28/2015    
Mark Twain Charleston 9/21/2015    
Marty's Charleston 9/10/2015 9/11/2015  
Modified Midgets Racing Mattoon 9/12/2015    
Neil Armstrong Mattoon 9/30/2015    
Oakland Senior Center Oakland 9/25/2015    
Salvation Army Mattoon 9/16/2015    
Schwan Mattoon 9/10/2015    
Spanky's Mattoon     9/9/2015
Steve & Shirley's Oakland 9/25/2015    
T Garden Charleston 9/10/2015    
The Boldt Brewery Humboldt 9/24/2015    
TLC Humboldt Humboldt 9/14/2015    
William's School Mattoon 9/17/2015    

These documents are all .pdf files. You will require a .pdf reader to view them. The inspection score can be found on the lower right hand corner of the first page of the inspection. The Coles County Health Department utilizes a combination of the raw score and their adjusted score. The raw score can range from 0 - 100, with 100 indicating no violations. A facility without any violations is uncommon.  Critical violations are those violations that my increase the risk of a food borne illness. Critical violations are corrected during the inspection, and if that is not possible, a representative of the health department will revisit the facility to ensure those corrections have been made. Repeat violations are those violations that were observed on the previous inspection and have not been corrected. The adjusted score deducts 2 points for each repeat violation. A raw score of 100-75 is passing, however an adjusted score of 100-35 is passing. A failing score is a raw score of 74 or below and an adjusted score of 34 or below. A raw score of 59 or below with an adjusted score below 0 is likely to result in facility closure if the violations cannot be corrected during the inspection. Violations that are corrected during the inspection will still appear on the inspection, but will be noted with "COS,"  "Corrected on Site" or "Corrected during inspection."

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