Coles County LEPC

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Ready Illinois

LEPC Bylaws

LEPC Meetings

Timeline for Milestones
25 - decided to build tree house
29 - obtain supplies from art store for prototype
01 - have prototype sketched
07 - CAD drawings completed
15 - model tree house completed
17 - start construction of tree house
04 - tree house completed


This Week
  1. Draft Concept
  2. Buy Art Supplies
  3. Buy CAD Software


Next Week
  1. Finish CAD tutorial
  2. Begin modeling
  3. Buy Supplies for model

Local Weather


LEPC members and organizations

Elected State & Local Officials

Law Enforcement

Tim Gover, Mayor of Mattoon City of Mattoon   EIU Police Department
Jeffrey Lahr, City Commissioner City of Charleston Brian Huston, Lt. Coles County Sheriff's Office
    Sam Gaines, Asst. Chief Mattoon Police Department

First Aid


Steve Bennett, Chief Charleston Fire & Rescue Sean Junge, Asstistant Chief** Mattoon Fire Department
Valerie Goodwin Coles County American Red Cross Disaster Services Tim Meister Charleston Fire & Rescue



Joe Fehrenbacher** Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Gloria Spear** Coles County Health Department
    Mara Hildebrand Coles County Health Department

Emergency Management


Dan Ensign, Coordinator Coles County ESDA    
Jim Hilgenberg Coles County Emergency Management Agency

Local Environment

Broadcast / Print Media

Kiley Willison Village of Oakland
Rob Stroud

Journal Gazette-Times Courier

Community Groups

Owners/ Operators of Regulated Facilities

Christina Miller Coles County Inner Agency
Steve Skidmore KOCH Nitrogen Co., LLC  

**LEPC Executive Board:

Sean Junge, President
Joe Fehrenbacher, Vice President
Gloria Spear, Secretary

LEPC 2016 Meetings:

March 3 9:00 Life Span Center Auditorium
June 2 9:00 Life Span Center Auditorium
September 1 9:00 Life Span Center Auditorium
November 3 11:30 Airport Steakhouse


Committee Chair Members
Executive Sean Junge Joe Fehrenbacher
Dan Ensign
Gloria Spear
Right to Know and Public Education Information Valerie Goodwin Gloria Spear
Jeff Lahr
Rob Stroud
Christina Miller
Chemical Facilities Liaison and Emergency Response & Resource Steve Skidmore Steve Bennett
Brian Huston
Jim Hilgenberg
Spontaneous Volunteers Pat Goodwin Valerie Goodwin
Dan Ensign
Steve Bennett
Sean Junge
By-Law   Sean Junge
Jeff Lahr
Gloria Spear
Christina Miller

Spontaneous Volunteers
Right to Know & Public Education

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