Section 1 – Mission Statement & Purpose

The mission of the Coles County Historic Preservation Advisory Council (CCHPAC or Council) is to develop, coordinate and support policies and activities designed to preserve the historic character of the County.

These by-laws set out the purposes, powers and membership of the CCHPAC. In addition, these by-laws are intended to establish procedures and methods of operation required to promote county-wide historic preservation activities in Coles County.


Section 1 – Membership/Voting Powers

The Executive Director and the lead Office Administrator for the Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission (CCRP&DC or Commission) shall be appointed Ex-offcio members of the Council and shall possess full voting privileges in relation to Council business.

CCHPAC members shall be appointed to the Council by the Commission. The Commission will set the number of members of the Council. The Council shall possess no fewer than nine (9) members. Council members must be residents of Coles County. Membership is open to the general public. Among the considerations for Council membership are the following: resident location, a strong interest in historic preservation, knowledge of preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, archaeology, or the construction industry; record of community service, experience in organizing events or promotions. Appointment terms of Council members shall be indefinite and at the discretion of the Commission.

Initial appointment of members to the Council is provisional. Provisional appointments will be one year in duration. The one year interim appointment period will allow provisional Council members to assess personal compatibility with Council operations and functions. At the end of the interim appointment period, provisional Council members will be offered full Council membership at the discretion of the Commission.

All Council members shall be eligible to vote on matters considered by the Council. A quorum consists of a simple majority of the active number of members appointed. To retain Council membership status and voting privileges, Council members are required to attend at least six (6) of the nine (9) regular monthly meetings during the year unless they have a valid reason for non-attendance. Council members who knowingly are unable to attend a meeting will notify the Chair or his/her designated representative of the anticipated absence at least two (2) days prior to the meeting if practical. Council members unavailable to attend meetings have the option of appointing any Council member of their choice as their proxy in matters put before the Council for vote. The proxy will have full voting privileges.

Section 2 – Officers

Council Members, through a majority vote of members constituting a quorum, will recommend the annual appointment of the following Officers to be confirmed by the Commission.

a. Chairperson b. Chairperson Pro-Tem c. Secretary

Persons appointed to these positions may serve no more than three (3) consecutive one-year terms. The Chairperson shall prepare the agenda and preside at all Council meetings and shall appoint committees and subcommittees, of such size as may be necessary, to carry out the purposes of the Council. In the absence or disability of the Chairperson, the Chairperson Pro-Tem shall perform all the duties and exercise all the powers of the Chairperson. The Secretary, or designated Ex-officio Council member, shall record the meeting proceedings and coordinate the distribution of meeting agendas, meeting minutes and other Council related documents to Council members.


Section 1 – Meetings

The Council will conduct nine (9) regular monthly meetings per year, with no meetings scheduled for the months of May, July and December. The Council’s annual award’s ceremony is held during the month of May. The Council reserves the right, through a majority vote, to exchange the month of the award’s ceremony with a regular monthly meeting month.

Regular monthly meetings of the Council shall be held on the days designated by the Chairperson with the consent of Council Members.

All meetings shall be held at a place designated by the Chairperson and shall be open to the public. Notice of such meetings shall be given to the Council Members and media organizations.

Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by three members of the Council, on three (3) days’ notice to each member.

Council Members, by a simple majority vote of members constituting a quorum, may recommend policies and procedures which promote county-wide historic preservation.

Except where these by-laws otherwise provide, Robert's Rules of Order, as revised, shall govern.

A permanent record of meeting minutes shall be maintained, and shall be made a part of the public record.


Section 1 - Fiscal

The Council adopts the Commission’s Fiscal Year of 01 December to 30 November.

The Commission will be the designated fiscal agent to receive and disburse funds on behalf of the Council.


Section 1 – Staffing

The Council shall utilize the staff of the Commission to assist in carrying out the policies, procedures and programs of the Council.

Section 2 – Council Interaction with the Commission and the Coles County Board

The Council shall provide opinions and guidance to the members and staff of the Commission and the Coles County Board relating to historic preservation issues affecting the citizens of Coles County.


Section 1 – Council Records & Documentation

The Commission shall retain records related to Council business for public use. Council records include, but are not limited to; meeting agendas and minutes, lists of officially designated Coles County historic properties, such as Coles County List of Significant Places, and any other documentation pertinent to county-wide historic preservation activities or Council business.

The Commission shall determine the appropriate format, hard copy or electronic, and repository for archived Council documents.


Section 1 – By-Law Amendments

Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be presented in writing to each member of this Council at least thirty (30) days before the regular or special meeting at which the proposed amendments are to be adopted by a simple majority vote of a quorum present.

These by-laws shall be in full force and effect upon their adoption by the Council. Adopted 15 September 2004, revised 10 January 2013