CCHPAC Board Member Halbe Receives ISHA Certificate of Excellence

CCHPAC Board member, Earle Halbe, was awarded a certificate of excellence by the Illinois State Historical Society in recognition for writing and directing his play, A Question of Loyalty. The April 25, 2015 award program was held in the Old State Capitol in Springfield. Award guidelines explain that the certificate of excellence "recognizes work of exemplary quality showing considerable creativity, serious scholarship, and/or an efficient utilization of resources."

Halbe's play was described as a "compelling approach to a complex local history topic, with great juxtaposition of loyalty to country, versus loyalty to a lover." The ISHA stated that "such productions are immensely important, offering local history enthusiasts an opportunity to revisit significant events in regional history, and bringing new and insightful interpretations into the public discussion. Overall, this is an excellent effort to tell a little known story in Illinois history, and it deserves recognition for awakening interest in the Charleston Riot of 1864."