Wes Whiteside

Wes Whiteside, long-time CCHPAC board member, passed away on July 18, 2015. A nationally recognized botanist and retired botany professor at Eastern Illinois University, made many contributions to the CCHPAC, the Association for the Preservation of Historic Coles County, and the Charleston Tree Commission. In 1963, "Wes" began developing a garden on land just east of Charleston. Now, 50 years later, this showpiece garden covers five acres and contains thousands of species of cultivars of plants, many of which are rare, threatened, or unique.

At this link Wes and others talk about the Whiteside Garden: Whiteside Garden.

2015 Awardees Share the Spotlight

Charleston - The Coles County Historic Preservation Advisory Council and the Association for the Preservation of Historic Coles County held their 2015 awards ceremony at Eastern Illinois University's Tarble Arts Center on Thursday May 7th.

Kit Morice, Sue Meyer, Tom Vance Kit Morice, Ray Carr Kit Morice, Joel & Jennifer Ranson
Parishioners of Mattoon Trinity Episcopal Church Ke'an Armstrong, Steve Thompson, Jana Johnson Bill Hamel, Steve Thompson

Awardees in attendance included:

Sue Meyer - Freeman-Meyer House Coles County Landmark Designation

Ray Carr - Award of Merit: Porch Reconstruction, 1036 7th St., Charleston

Joel & Jennifer Ranson - Award of Merit: Exterior Rehabilitation, 1629 Jackson Ave., Charleston

Parishioners of the Mattoon Trinity Episcopal Church - Award of Merit: Rehabilitation & Deferred Maintenance of (Unity) Trinity Episcopal Church, 2200 Western Ave., Mattoon

Ke'an Armstrong & Jana Johnson - Award of Merit: Staff of WEIU-TV for Production and Broadcast of Mattoon: This is Our Story

Bill Hamel - Award of Merit: Bill & Glennie Hamel - Lifetime Achievement for Historic Preservation Leadership, Advocacy and Publications

WEIU-TV Presents Mattoon: This is Our Story

March 5th, 2015 7:00PM on WEIU

Coles County Historic Preservation Advisory Council members are participating in the WEIU-TV production, Mattoon: This is Our Story. The production examines historical and contemporary aspects of life in Mattoon through presentations based on a personal interview format. The premiere of this production will take place via a live WEIU-TV broadcast at 7:00 PM, March 5th 2015.

Council members relaying historical Mattoon stories include:

Joyce St. Michael Carolyn Cloyd Steve Thompson
Joyce St. Michael
Dodge Grove Cemetery
Carolyn Cloyd
Confederate Special
Operatives in
Mattoon in 1864
Steve Thompson
The Burgess-Osborne
Memorial Auditorium

Council affiliate member Sandy Graven will also address the contemporary Mattoon Civil War Memorial Ellipse Project.

A pre-production list of storytellers can be reviewed here.

Don't miss the chance to hear about the area's history, the people and the community. Tune in Thursday, March 5th at 7pm on WEIU- TV and YOUR 13 (Consolidated). Also, please tell your out-of-town friends and family to watch the LIVE premiere online at weiu.net. DVD's will be made available during the Live broadcast and online as well.