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**Fees Effective Jan. 1, 2019

What's on Record:

Over a quarter million documents, including deeds, mortgages, military records, surveys, plats of subdivisions, release mortgages, state and federal liens, judgements, and miscellaneous documents.

Time Period:

Beginning in 1830 and continuing to the present. The Coles County Clerk's Office records nearly 12,000 valuable records in an average year.

Public Access

Coles County records are open to the public. Free access to indexes from December 1978 to the present is available to those searching Coles County Records. Actual copies of documents from April 25, 1996, to the present are available for purchase.


This is a subscription based service that allows users to search in much the same way they would at the terminal in the Recorder's Office.

Users: Frequent Searchers (Title Companies, Banks, etc.)


  • Search Multiple Fields
  • Party Name
  • Document Number
  • Recording Dates
  • Document Types
  • Subdivisions
  • Tract
  • Associated Documents
  • Search with Multiple Party Names
  • Save Search Criteria
  • Printable Search Results
  • Print Images of Recorded Documents
  • Receive Messages from the County upon login

How To:
For support call (563)345-1283 If a customer is interested in using Laredo they must contact Greg Sullivan at (563)345-1280. To download Laredo go to Select the Products dropdown. Select Laredo from the list. Choose State and County.

Coles County Cost Breakdown
250 minutes - $75/mo $.25/min overage and Remote Prints - $.25 per page
500 minutes - $125/mo $.23/min overage and Remote Prints - $.25 per page
1000 minutes - $195/mo $.18/min overage and Remote Prints - $.25 per page
2000 minutes - $295/mo $.15/min overage and Remote Prints - $.25 per page
Unlimited minutes - $400/mo and Remote Prints - $.25 per page


This is an on-demand service designed for occasional users.

Users: Infrequent Searchers that need quick access to a record.


  • Tapestry utilizes a unique pay-as-you-go method I which you can pay with your credit card on our secure internet site.
  • Frequent Tapestry users also have the option of opening a member ship account with a credit card or taking advantage of our open account payment plan.
  • Tapestry maintains consistent search charges for all participating counties.

How To:

Go to
Search by Party Name, Start Date, Legals and more for $5.95.
In addition to $5.95 per search, a $.50 per page fee is applied.
To inquire please contact Support at (563)345-1283.

Direct Search:

This service is designed to allow an individual to search document index records only at no charge. Users: Infrequent Searchers that only require limited information.


  • This is a free site with limited searching.
  • No images of documents are available, only basic information is given.

How to:
To inquire please contact Support at (563) 345-1283.

E-Recording Services


Coles County is now ready to electronically record your documents.

For more information or to get started, contact Simplifile:

By Phone: 800.460.5657


E-Recording Partners Network

eRecording Partners Network (ePN) is based in Minneapolis and bridges the gap between submitters and counties across the nation. With one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, and with already existing connections to hundreds of counties nationwide, the gap between submitters and counties can be bridged through ePN!

Just contact ePN at 888-325-3365 or or visit their website to start eRecording today!


Corporation Service Company (CSC), a pioneer of the electronic document recording industry, has more than 110 years of experience serving the corporate, legal and financial communities. CSC was recognized by the 2012 Mortgage Technology Awards for their impact on the mortgage industry.

Put CSC's experience to work for you:
866-652-0111 (toll free)

Indecomm Global Services

Electronic real estate recording systems make it possible for county recorders and registrars of title to serve their customers more effectively and efficiently than with traditional paper-based recording systems.

Visit Indecomm's website:

Plat Act Affidavit:

You may download the required Plat Act Affidavit here.The Affidavit counts as one page when computing fees. Recording fees and revenue tax stamps are payable to the Coles County Recorder in the form of cash, check, or money order.

Subdivision Plats: The maximum size is 30" X 21". Plats must include one mylar and four blueprints; file covenants and restrictions as separate documents. Plats must include school district, flood zone, and parcel ID number.

UCC Filings: Each UCC Filing must be marked "to be filed in real estate records" and include legal description. Amendments and terminations must include original document and UCC numbers.

Requirements & Fee Schedule:

All instruments presented for recording must meet the requirements set forth in Illinois Statutes. Standard documents must be on 8 1/2" X 11" paper; individual sheets and/or front and back will be accepted. Print must be legible. First page must have 3" X 5" blank space in upper right corner with 1/2" clean margins on sides and bottom, as well as on all other pages. Maximum document size is 8 1/2" X 14". Fees are as follows:

**Fees Effective Sept. 1, 2014**

Deeds & Contracts

$49.00 Administrator Deeds
$39.00 Cemetery Deeds
$49.00 Contract for Deeds
$49.00 Executor Deeds
$49.00 Sheriff Deeds
$49.00 Tax Deeds
$49.00 Transfer on Death
$49.00 Trustee Deeds
$49.00 Quit Claims Deeds
$49.00 Warranty Deeds
* A Plat Act Affidavit is recommended to be filed with all deeds and counts as a page in the price.

* Each deed must have either a P-tax form 203 or an exemption marked on the Deed.

Mortgages & Assignments

$49.00 Assignment of Mortgage
$49.00 Assignment of Rents
$49.00 Extension Agreement
$49.00 Loan Modification
$49.00 Modification Agreement
$49.00 Release of Mortgage
* Releases do not require a legal description BUT MUST have the document number of the original mortgage it is releasing.

* One associated document number is allowed with the document and there is an additional charge of $1.00 per document number listed on the document.

NOTES: All document prices are for 4 pages only. Anything after 4 pages is $1.00 per page thereafeter.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and make checks payable to:

Coles County Recorder
651 Jackson Ave., Room 122
Charleston, IL 61920

For Further Information: Contact (217) 348-7325