Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission

Solid Waste

The CCRPC & DC provides the following solid waste services to Coles and surrounding counties, Illinois:

  • Provides staff and services for all Coles County solid waste activities

  • Promotes private recycling ventures within a six county region

  • Assists with or takes lead in preparing IL DCEO recycling applications for activities in the six county region

  • Encourages local businesses to institute source reduction/recycling programs

  • Monitors, researches and reports to the County Boards on solid waste/landfill activities

  • Monitors, tracks and reports to County Boards all legislation affecting landfills, recycling, solid waste planning and tipping fee surcharge issues

  • Coordinates consultant selection for all solid waste related projects

  • Provides solid waste/recycling educational coordination to schools, general public and local businesses

  • Provides staff services for host agreement negotiations between Counties and potential applicant

  • Functions as liaison between general public, State, industries and the Counties

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Tel: 217-348-0521

Department Hours:
8:30 a.m. -- 4:30 p.m.

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